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Ballooning near Cape Town
Balloon over the Paarl valley close to the Limietberge - Picture by Keith Pickersgill
Wineland Ballooning in Paarl Südafrika

We are Carmen & Udo at Wineland Ballooning and offer the unique and exclusive adventure of Hot-Air Balloon flights in the beautiful wine region around Paarl near Cape Town in South Africa.

Enjoy the wonderful feeling of floating through the sky as slow as a cloud and as free as a bird. Since more than 29 years the most romantic and exciting excursion around Cape Town. A dream adventure of a lifetime you will never forget.
Fly near the most southern tip of Africa and see Table Mountain in a distance. You will be thrilled by the blues of the silhouette of the Hottentot Holland Mountain Range, the bright green of the vineyards and the endless rolling wheat fields glowing in the sun. - We make dreams come true.

When?:   Daily from November to April at sunrise - weather permitting
Where?: Meeting in Paarl, ca. 55km from Cape Town
Who?: Anyone who is fit to climb the basket and over 1,20m high
Price: from R 3900 p.p. incl. breakfast 

See the old Cape Dutch Homesteads from above - Picture by Keith Pickersgill

Balloonflights in South Africa take place - weather permitting - at sunrise before thermal activity starts. We make you real aeronauts by getting you involved in the rigging of the balloon and a gentle ascent takes you well above tree top level and with a light breeze you fly away over fields and vineyards. Our retrieve vehicle follows and will bring you back to Paarl, where the exquisite
Grande Roche Hotel expects us with a five star breakfast to celebrate this lovely morning experience.

Balloon over the Winelands of the Cape - Picture by Keith PickersgillWineland Ballooning cc. is a South African registered non-scheduled Airline operating at highest standards of service since 1990. We are licensed and checked by the SA Civil Aviation Authority and pride ourselves with an impeccable safety record of over 2500 flights.

Many people from all over the world have enjoyed a flight with us but due to erratic weather and wind conditions in the Cape, cancellations happen just as often.
Therefore please allow as many days as possible to arrange your flight.
It´s advisable to phone us as soon as you arrive in the viscinity of Paarl or Cape Town to give us and yourselves the chance to organise the experience.
Even though there is a good chance that mother nature will spoil our attempts, because safety comes first and we dont´t take any risks.
Balloonflights nears Cape Town will always be exclusive. We had guests who only went up at their second holiday in the Cape and this gives you a good reason to come back to the “Fairest Cape of All”.
Looking towards Paarl Rock and the Berg River Valley - Picture by Martin Calitz
Due to the wet winters in the “Green Season”, our flights only take place between November and April.
Flights last appr. one hour but please allow 4-5 hours for the whole trip incl. of breakfast.
We can take a max of 5-7 passengers in the basket.

Information and bookings:
Carmen & Udo
Wineland Ballooning
November to April:  Tel./Fax:  +27
(0)21 8633 192
All year-round e-mail:

Get enganged in a Hot-Air-Balloon
See your shadow projected onto the Canola fields

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